Five Mistakes To Prevent On School Exams


Mistake #1 – Insufficient Preparation

To be able to prepare effectively for any legal exam, you have to both (1) discover the law and (2) learn to utilize it. All students concentrate exclusively around the first component of this formula, plus they cram and commit to memory legal rules ad nauseam. Regrettably, when they are confronted with an intricate fact pattern with an exam, it requires them way too lengthy to create an answer because they are using the law to details the very first time.

You cannot make this common blunder. Can you read a magazine about aviation after which, without ever practicing, fall behind the throttle of the plane the very first time and then try to fly it? Absolutely not. You would not risk your existence like this, why risk your school career? Every single legal exam you take is going to be like flying the very first time. If you devote your “flight time” and exercise, you’ll soar. Otherwise, you’ll crash and burn.

You will find three key components to effective preparation for school exams: (1) preparing thorough, accurate outlines and checklists, (2) taking part in a highly effective study group, and (3) taking numerous practice exams and discussing all of them with your study partners. You most likely never authored a training course outline attending college, and also you most likely rarely – when – studied having a study group or required practice exams. In school, in case you really wish to increase your grades, you have to do this stuff for each course you are taking.

Mistake #2 – Overwriting and Oversimplifying

There is a delicate balance between saying an excessive amount of about something with an exam and saying not enough. When faced having a hypothetical exam (i.e., an intricate fact pattern), many law students have a problem finding this balance.


“Overwriting” is spending an inappropriate, disproportionate period of time treating a problem. Many law students overwrite issues from nervousness, poor planning, or failure to place other relevant issues. Professors allocate merely a certain quantity of suggests each issue with an exam. Once you have stated everything relevant in regards to a particular issue, anything else you have to say is obviously irrelevant and therefore will earn no points.

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